The benefits of working at House of Covebo cannot be summarized. That is why you will find a more extensive list of the employment conditions and benefits of working at House of Covebo on this page.

Days off

As much as we love working, holidays and days off are always more fun! If you work full-time, you are entitled to 26 vacation days, with the option to purchase 8 additional days per year. But there are situations where you can get extra vacation days. For example, we think it is important to celebrate days that belong to your religion or belief or to actively celebrate a specific event. This is what we call a diversity day. Other special leave are also reasons to get a day off, such as: study days, moving days, anniversaries, etc. In addition, the longer you are employed, the more leave days are added! Everything to keep your work and private life in balance.


Did someone say bonus? Yes! At House of Covebo, you get a bonus! This gross bonus depends on various factors and is sometimes proportional.

Employee benefits

At House of Covebo, we are always looking for ways to give our employees something extra. That’s why we have partnered with Benefits at Work and Personeelsvoordeelwinkel. On these platforms, you can save significantly thanks to great discounts on fashion, electronics, day trips, and more. These favorable conditions are exclusive to House of Covebo colleagues.

Health insurance discount

We have negotiated a collective discount with one health insurance provider, Zorg en Zekerheid. Additionally, our intermediary L&B has also arranged collective discounts with other health insurers. In 2024, most supplementary insurance plans offer extra generous reimbursements for physiotherapy, dental care, substitute care, mindfulness, menopause advice, and a sleep course. Your family members also benefit from this offer at no extra cost.

Let's party!

Celebrating success is in our DNA, and we simply love parties. These are the celebrations we have throughout the year.

Strategy days

During this multi-day event, we discuss the achievements of the past year and all the plans for the future. The strategy days always conclude with a big staff party, including an overnight stay.

Covebo Kerstbomendag 

This is the relationship day of the year. On this day, the branches have the opportunity to invite their contacts (with partners/children). The guests are pampered throughout the day.


A party not to be missed! The House of Covebo children can send in a wish list beforehand, and on the day itself, there is a fun show for the little ones with Pieten and Sinterklaas. Additionally, we organize a workshop for the older children. You don’t want to miss it!


Many of our branches have a bar. This can only mean one thing: drinks on friday!

House of HR festival

Every two years, all companies within House of HR come together at the Happy Rebel Festival for a grand party featuring top artists, food trucks, and of course, lots of fun!

Team outings

Every year, each team goes on an outing together. The activity? That's up to each team to decide. The only certainty is a fun time.


At some branches, groceries are provided for the entire team, so you don't need to bring anything yourself. Ideal! On Fridays, you can expect a tasty snack or a more elaborate lunch.

Flexible pension scheme

All colleagues participate in the pension scheme applicable to all companies within House of Covebo. The pension scheme is administered by ASR Levensverzekering N.V. Your contribution is deducted monthly from your gross salary. Two-thirds is covered by House of Covebo, and your own contribution is flexible.

Fuel card and discount on gasoline

For many roles, a car is provided. If you drive a company car, a fuel card is included. With this card, you can refuel at the expense of House of Covebo at many gas stations throughout the Netherlands. We also haven't forgotten about colleagues without a leased car, as all colleagues can receive discounts on their gasoline.

Freedom is your greatest responsibility.

This is one of our pillars of DNA, perhaps the most important one. During your career at House of Covebo, you will experience this through the freedom and trust given to take responsibility. This is how we achieve the best solutions for our clients, employees, and colleagues. If we make mistakes along the way? That’s where we learn!

House of Covebo Academy

At the House of Covebo Academy, you can find all the courses currently offered in the catalog. Additionally, a learning path has been created for each role, allowing you to quickly see which courses are relevant for you. Need training outside of the Academy? That's possible! You can explore the options together with your manager.


Onboarding at House of Covebo is more than just filling out paperwork. It's an opportunity to get to know who we are and how we operate, from understanding our mission and vision to familiarizing yourself with our DNA and navigating our internal processes. The introduction program includes various activities, such as the two-day introduction days at the Support Center.

Working from home

Working from home is possible in consultation with your manager. Of course, we provide additional facilities where needed, such as a docking station, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Furthermore, the following conditions apply to working from home: the basis for working from home is that freedom is your greatest responsibility. Do you have scheduled appointments? Then we naturally expect to see you at the office.


Being fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, is very important to us. Therefore, we offer various coaching opportunities. Additionally, at many locations, you can join a free exercise class, and there is extra focus on vitality.


Coaching comes in various forms and sizes. Coaching questions can be related to career development or competencies, but also about burnout-related issues or other work-related questions. However, for us, it's not just about work. We also want to help you with personal matters. Achieving the right work-life balance ensures we have happier colleagues. One of the options is OpenUp. With OpenUp, you can have a free conversation with one of their staff members within 24 hours, either through direct chat or phone call. They also offer courses.


This annual week is entirely dedicated to, you guessed it, vitality. There is (even) healthier eating, group exercise, and learning about vitality. Additionally, during this week, training sessions are organized that colleagues can attend to become even more vital.